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7 Best Powerbank in Bangladesh: Be Charged Always!

Call me a freak – i don’t mind. Wherever i go, i just can’t get my hands off of my phone – love taking photos and videos. A few years back i went to sylhet – stayed 3 days on the boat house in tanguar haor and completely drained my phonebattery. What i regretted the most at that time was not having a good power bank. After that, i tried several power banks of different brands. Today i’m going to sharemy top 7 best powerbank in bangladesh 2023.

List of the Best Power Bank in Bangladesh

I had no one to suggest a good power bank, the online market wasn’t saturated at that time, made a lot of wrong choices, wasted a lot of money. So this article on the best power bank for mobile is for you so that you don’t make the same mistake. 

I know powerbank price in bd is one of your concerns too. So I made the list of the best powerbank in Bangladesh for all ranges of prices. I made sure you can pick one from this list.

  • Baseus Adaman 22.5W 20000mah
  • Joyroom JR-T013 10000mah
  • Joyroom JR-QP192 20000mah
  • Joyroom JR-W020 10000mah wireless
  • Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Wireless
  • Xiaomi MI V3 10000mah
  • Xiaomi Redmi 10000mAh

Without further ado, let’s jump into sharing the experience.

  1. Baseus adaman 22.5W 20000mAh

This power bank has made it to the top of my list – definitely for some reason! I’ve used a lot of power banks in life – trust me when I say this is yet the best one.

The last time I was using a power bank – it was pretty new – still stopped backing up my phone charge mid-tour. I was pissed off the whole time – thanks to that power bank.

Best Powerbank in Bangladesh - Baseus adaman

Then bought Baseus Adaman 20000mAh – my traveling partner for the last 3 years. Still running smoothly and has shown no sign of problem.

It has a better quick charge than Baseus 20w powerbank. Can I stay alone on a deserted island with my phone and this power bank? – for 4-5 days, no problem!

Baseus Adaman 20000mAh is not only the best powerbank for Android, but a powerbank for iPhone too!

And guess what! – besides all other small devices, it’s a great powerbank for laptop too. In a single go, I’ve charged my laptop and phone fully with this Baseus powerbank. 

Talking about the powerbank price bd, this may feel a lil expensive to many. But quality is worth the money. Powerbank 20000mAh price usually goes in a range of 2500 BDT. Check out all the features here.

I think Baseus powerbank will last the test of time. So if you are running late, need to buy from the best powerbank brand fast, get this one now. Take my guarantee, literally the best powerbank in Bangladesh – where do I have to sign?

  1. Joyroom JR-T013 10000mah

This mini powerbank from Joyroom- give me a second! Nostalgia hit me. When I was annoyed and helpless after wasting money on trash, I tried out this one. This is the very first good powerbank for mobile I’ve used. 

JOyroom JR T012 - Best Power Bank in Bangladesh

Short on money? Looking for good powerbank lowest price in bd? Joyroom JR-T013 is your way to go. This powerbank can back up battery charge for 3 devices at a time. I’d probably keep on using it if I were still a college kid stuck on Dhaka jam for hours – yeah it’s horrible I know! 

For student budget, this model is the Best powerbank under 1500 in Bangladesh. Check here to know all its detailed features. 

  1. Joyroom JR-QP192 20000mah

I haven’t used Joyroom JR-QP192 personally, but many of my friends used it and I heard nothing but good things about it. Joyroom is one of the best powerbank brand in this era.

It’s almost similar to the Baseus powerbank I’m using right now starting from the service to the price. I’ve made up my mind to replace it with my current one in case something happens to it. Honestly, the look got me – it’s very premium-looking. 

Powerbank 20000mAh price are usually a lil higher for obvious reasons. But they are the best option for explorers and travelers like me.

And if you are a vlogger and need some Premier Pro help on tour, this is one of the best powerbank for laptop too. More detailed features about this Joyroom power bank is here. 

  1. Joyroom JR-W020 10000mah wireless

Woah! This is the third model from Joyroom to make its way to my list of the best powerbank in Bangladesh. Its capacity is 10000mAH – same as the Joyroom JR-T013. But what’s the difference?

It’s a higher price and one futuristic feature! In fact, this one is the most expensive powerbank for mobile in this list. They say it’s the power bank of the cool kids – I agree no less!
Joyroom JR-W020 is the best magnetic wireless model of this brand. That explains the price. Just put your phone or device on the power bank and see the sorcery.
Magnetic feature is such a cool thing! No need to worry about your device.

This one cannot back your phone charge for a crazy long time like Baseus powerbank, but if you are up to some good show off with a trendy power bank and

have a good budget for it, I see no reason not to buy it. I know you wanna know more about this one – Here are the details.

  1. Xiaomi MI V3 10000mah

Enough of the expensive stuff, getting back to a medium range of the best powerbank price in Bangladesh. For a higher middle-class citizen, Xiaomi has some pretty good powerbank for mobile with some affordable powerbank price in bd.

Their V3 model made it to my list because of some special features that made it unique while I was using it. All the detailed features are here, check them out first.

Noticed something that makes it unique from others?
Yes, they are pretty slim.
Lightweight too.

Not many people will tell you this – but most of the best powerbank in Bangladesh are annoyingly heavy, or so I felt. But this model here is different – not light as a feather though. Snap outta the dream!

Another feature that had my heart is the indicator lights. Even now I forget to charge my current power bank. But during my usage of the Xiaomi MI V3, that never happened! This is undoubtedly one of the best powerbank for Android.

  1. Xiaomi Redmi 10000mAh

Good news for the students or people with tight budgets! If you want to buy a good powerbank lowest price in bd from the Xiaomi brand, this is your best pick. Wait there’s another good news! – this is a great powerbank for iPhone too. 

It’s comparatively cheaper but the slickest looking – I just don’t get how! I have used a lot of power banks – said it before! Powerbank or piece of brick – I still doubt. They were so heavy and uncomfortable.

Back in my college days, I went to Sitakundu for hiking – took my brick-sized powerbank – still regret it! My back was hurting for the next 1 week.

I wish someone told me about Xiaomi Redmi 10000mAH powerbank! Well, it’s a different thing that this best powerbank 2023 didn’t exist at that time. But you don’t have to go through it.

If you are going for short trips and don’t wanna carry too much stuff with you, buy this mini power bank. Super compact, you can just fit it inside your pocket. I think you’ll like this one – check here for all the features. 

  1. Xiaomi MI 10000mAH wireless

Wireless stuff is taking over now – well they are a bit expensive, but Gen Z likes them. So Xiaomi being a Jack of all trades, brought a great powerbank for mobile which can be operated wireless too. This is a great edition of them for the youth who use new-age gadgets. 

I had a rubbery textured feeling on my hand from this power bank. A great feature for any wireless best powerbank 2023 – I’ll give them that. You don’t want your device to slip off the power bank, do you? Well, there’s magnet too, so don’t worry.

If you like futuristic stuff, Xiaomi MI wireless powerbank is no doubt a win for you. Know all the features here. 

The first time I tried this charger, didn’t quite get the concept! It’s definitely one of the best powerbank in Bangladesh – but maybe not for explorers like me.

Now you are thinking – then why am I suggesting it? Let me tell you why!
Wireless power banks are mainly for placing it somewhere and putting the device
on it.

But I use my phone while charging it from the power bank in my backpack. So it’s for a specific group of people. Did I mention it’s a good powerbank for iPhone? Also, you are getting a 6-month warranty from the brand. So that’s a great deal I felt. 

Final Word

As I said, my list of the 7 best powerbank in Bangladesh 2023 is made with all the best power banks for people with different tastes, finance, and generation. I’ve considered the powerbank price in bd, powerbank for laptop, and all other possible parameters.

If you are reading this to buy a power bank, I bet you already found a suitable one to buy – You’re most welcome.

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